Recent Projects:


eBay -Seller Information Center
The seller Information Center is eBay's primary vehicle for communicating with their sellers. Maintained by multiple internal groups, this area of the site had become disorganized and difficult to navigate.



- Complete graphic and user experience upgrade.




Sprint - Machine to Machine Website
Sprint M2M/ESG website is the online hub for Sprint's Emerging Solutions business unit.

This site contains in-depth resources (videos, whitepapers, case studies) for developers interested in utilizing Sprint as part of their M2m solution.



Redesign site to align with brand standards and complete functional upgrade of Umbraco CMS.



McAfee - Anti-Phising Demo
McAfee has a vested interest in educating online users to the dangers of Phishing, unfortunately their existing Anti-Phishing animation contained dated information and had a simplistic graphic look and feel.



Develop online animation with a higher degree of graphic sophistication, optimized for localization into 12 languages.




Award Winning Projects:


Logitech - Product Videos

For showcasing the features of a universal remote to creating a “brand” statement for high-end headphones, Creative Spark developed a series of videos that showcase both the personality of the brand and the utility of the products.



TXU Energy Solar Academy
Sponsored by TXU Energy, the Solar Academy was created to supplement the curriculum of NEED (National Energy Education Development) to explain the science of the sun to school children. It has been installed as an interactive kiosk in the International Museum of Science and Art in McAllen, Texas and is available online as a supplement to classroom learning.




Energy Thieves
The Energy Thieves was designed to help people locate and eliminate "phantom power" users in their home. Reception for this tool has been phenomenal and it has received an IMA award for Outstanding Achievement in the Energy category.